How to Install WordPress – WordPress Installation

The following article will demonstrate how to install WordPress on a domain from scratch. It will guide you through the full process of obtaining a domain name and then installing WordPress on that domain.

Buying a Domain Name

Before you go anywhere, you need to buy a domain name (a URL/website address). To do this go to Reg-123. This site is easy to use and offers cheap domain names. You will then see a box saying “Domain Search”. Type in a domain that you would like to call your website.

Think about what your blog will be about and think about what keywords you would like your blog to rank for in the search engines. As search engines give credit to the keywords that are contained in a URL towards ranking a site, if you want to rank for terms that include the word “Dog” and you are writing on subjects about dogs, then you should include this term in your blog’s name. A suitable name, in that case, would be

More than likely, you will find the URL you wanted has been bought by someone else, it is now a matter of trial and error until you find a free URL and you are happy with it.

Preferably, you want a domain that ends in .com or a URL that is assigned to your country, such as .co.UK for a UK site. Reg-123 also offers suggested domain names at the bottom of the page if your domain name is not available after your search.

Once you are happy with a domain name, make sure the box is ticked next to it and press “add to basket”, then press “ok, let’s continue”. After that, you’ll check out and pay.

Once you have paid for your domain name you will receive an email saying that you have bought your domain, this could take a while in some cases.

After the email, go back to Reg-123 and click “log in to your control panel”, located at the top of the page. Then click “view domains”, then click your domain name, then “Change Nameservers”. Keep this page up!

Getting a Hosting Package

Next, go to the following site: Host Gator. If you are using Firefox, hold down “Ctrl” and press Host Gator. This will open a new tab. Choose a hosting package by clicking “web hosting” at the top of the page. Any of the following will do:

  • Hatchling Plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan

Press “Order Now”, then enter your domain name in “Use an existing domain name”. Fill in the details on the next page to register an account and set up the hosting plan.

Your account will go into the pending department and then you will receive an email with a link to your Cpanel. Log onto your Cpanel and scroll down to the bottom, you will see something that says “Name Servers”, Copy them both and replace them on your Reg-123 account, and press “change nameservers”.

It can take up to 48hours for your name servers to change, but if you reset your internet it usually works straight away.

WordPress is currently deployed on your website! Type: into your browser for you to log in to your WordPress account. Replace “your site” with your URL.


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