Keyword Tool : How To Solve Biggest Problems

Damn ! when you don’t choose the right keyword for your article then, unfortunately, your story just waiting for you because keywords help to get SERP in the search engine and also right keywords give good CPC. Many keyword Tool presents on the internet in free and premium both. If you are a newbie then surely you go for free. And don’t think about that because free tools are also better

But keyword tool is also in many types but don’t worry you see the right tools and also learning about how to use them in this article. So read this article step by step and should learn.

Google officially announces that the site has been also taken SERP by keywords so it is important for everyone to use a better keyword to take a high rank in keyword and if you choose a long-tail keyword then it is more suitable to divert traffic to your blog. perhaps it took time but keep patience.

Before I started to mention the main details, I would go with some related topics which help you to understand more about this and after that, you understand better about this.

So briefly read this point below – 

  1. What is the keyword?
  2. What is a keyword tool?
  3. How does keyword help in SERP?
  4. What is the best method to use the keyword?

#1 What is Keyword?

The keyword is a particular word that helps in getting ranked in SERP and also diverts traffic to your blog. Ya, that is right traffic will come from many places like social media, social bookmarking and backlinks with another site etc. But if you need organic traffic from a search engine then keyword help you in your article.

It’s not about getting a lot of traffic to your site; it’s about getting the correct kind of traffic.

And perhaps, it begins with words typed into the search box.

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO since it determines whether or not a search marketing activity will yield a high return. Rather ranking on top, suppose it is analyzed that among those visitors how many are into presuppose

Google a person search for marketing to google; we can determine that the person isn’t yet ready with money either he just wants to have a look at the marketing tool and may not proceed forward to buy that product. Unlike a person who an individual who searches for marketing tool under 300$ can actually say that through commercial properties, he is ready to proceed the result in a go.

Similarly, there are a few more marketing tactics but for that, you are required to understand your site, your visitors your readers and you. Let’s have a quick overview of some of the most convenient ways of doing keyword research to enhance your blog performance in SERP.

#2 What is a keyword tool?

In such that we know that what is a keyword but one more thing in your mind that is how to find a keyword to use them then don’t worry because many tools are present to help you to find the keyword. Google also maintains a site for bloggers to find keywords called Google keyword planner.

The keyword tool is that tool in which we quickly find keywords related to our niche topic. In that case, we take some more information about these like how much visitors search these? is there competition is low? , it gives comfortable CPC ? and is it related to our niche topic.

Although it’s our responsibility to take the right keyword because It only gives a suggestion. So use tools and think yourself and use them.

#3 How do keywords help in SERP?

So In that your mind floating because is the really hard question of how to keyword help in SERP? Because how do search engines give rank to an article of 2000 words by one small word and in that case is work? Then is answered in Yes because all keywords are controlled by search engines and after determining by these Google gives to rank.

Don’t forget if you are right in sports and your keyword is related to food then it does not work because it works for diverting organic traffic to your blog, and if you doing to cheat Google with the wrong keyword then it harms you because by this you can gain visitors but can’t gain readers.

So use the right keyword that is related to your niche topic and achieve a high ranking in search engines.

#4 What is the best method to use the keyword?

Yes if you think to use many time keywords to gain a high rank in search engines then you are totally wrong. Because Google set a limit which is  0.4 % for keywords means when you write an article then only use 0.4% time keyword to get better rank and don’t use to above. Because if you are a newbie, then I tell you to release a panda tool that automatically checks the density of keywords and if it is above the limit then Google penalizes you for some time which is a loss for you.

So the best strategy to use keywords is that

keyword use one time in the title

keyword use one time in URL

keyword use one time in the meta description

keyword one time in subheading (such as an H2 )

By using keywords in that place both should gain SERP because the search engine determines keywords in the title, URL, and meta description. and others for increasing the right organic traffic/visitors for your blog.

So now when we understand keywords let come to the point 

After talking much more about that, we come again to look which is keyword tools: how to solve the biggest problem so here is some tools and a description of how to use and gain traffic

Keyword Tool

When we are talking about there, then the first name is floating our mind which how to find a keyword, how to check CPU and-and how we make a good attracting title by using them. So here is the list of tools which help you

 Google keyword planner

First of all google about any topic, i.e., SEO strategy, we can see their lot of advertisers because this is concentrating on a particular keyword as because they know getting potential from such keyword can make a good profit

In the above photo we can see that many bloggers are using the primary keyword SEO strategy but how to find this main keyword is your question right? Then is the answer is on the above photo because you can see that I’m already searching the main keyword in box tan that results below but you often to take more description then check this –

First of all, go to Google keyword planner and make an account. And after that, you move to the next page, and now the main process is started let move your cursor. And point to the search for a new keyword using phrase click on it and write your original word that you want to change in a keyword.

Let us take SEO in this to check examples and us often many keywords so after that click on the below button ‘get ideas’ and see the result.

In this, you quickly test the list of the main keywords so check a keyword which is more searches and weak competition. You can see that in the red box the keyword which is high search and weak competition so take this and use it in your article and gain a good rank in the search engine.


Here is one more keyword tool to find a better keyword. And many places is be good from others in this you can see many features and check original CPC on a keyword a great graph and many more, only enter your primary keyword and see the result.

SEMrush is available in both free and premium so choose you and check your answer and fill it in and gain a better result. Don’t forget SEMrush is giving much more options like relevant ads, relative more keywords which is a goldmine for you.

Last Word

Keyword plays a significant role in SEO and also gives organic traffic so use it nicely, and I announce a thing my new article is on backlinks which are also important for SEO.

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