What is Anchor Text?

So, What is Anchor Text Then?

Anchor text is the text that is used to make a hyperlink. The following is anchor text: SEO Blog Tips. When the link is clicked it points back to this site. The same link without anchor text would read https://techfews.com. The HTML version looks like the following: SEO Blog Tips

Why Use Anchor Text

When you click on links on the internet you will find that most are through anchor text links. Having links without anchor text can make everything look very unpleasant and untidy. Imagine all the links on this page including the navigation links without anchor text, how long would you keep on this site for? Reading the anchor text also can sum up a little what that page/link may be about and will determine if you wish to click that link.

So, using anchor text not only makes the link look better than a long URL and sums up the link that you are about to click, it has a bigger purpose.

Search Engines Love Anchor Text

Search engines use anchor text in their algorithms to determine how to rank a site. It is 1 of the major factors that Google uses to rank sites and it can carry a lot of weight.

If a site is ranking number 1 in Google for the term “Laptops” that means that site has a high number of links pointing to that site with the anchor text “Laptops” and other variations. That does not mean that pointing loads of links with the term “Laptops” will get you number one, ranking is more complicated than that and there are over 200 ranking factors that Google uses in their algorithm. In fact, doing this is considered unnatural link building and it can trip a filter in Google.

Google Bombing

In the early days, SEOs/Webmasters could easily rank for Keywords/Phrases by just getting links with the correct anchor text, regardless of the ranking page was related to the Keywords/Phrases. This technique was known as a “Google bomb” or “Link bomb” and many started as a prank, but from  January 2007, Google placed an algorithm in place to stop the impact of these in their results. Click Here for the official post by Google.

One of the most famous Google bombs was for the term “miserable failure” which linked to George W. Bush’s White House biography. Click Here to read more on that.

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