10 Best Android Apps to Watch Live TV

10 Best Android Apps to Watch Live TV

Watching live TV can be an awesome way to stay up-to-date on the latest news and current events, as well as watch your favorite team play while they’re in action. However, if you do not have cable TV, you will most likely need to use an alternative method to watch your favorite shows and sporting events. Fortunately, there are several free Android apps that you can use to watch live TV right from your Android device. Here are the top 10 Android apps to watch live TV.

1) Plex

Plex is a powerful, free media-management tool that lets you organize your collection and stream content to all of your devices—even your smart TVs. It’s an awesome app for media management, but it’s also ideal for watching live TV with Chromecast or other devices. After installing Plex on a device (like an HTPC), you can set up as many channels as you want based on what shows/genres/etc. you’re interested in watching.

2) Kodi

Kodi is a powerful media player that allows you to watch live TV directly on your device. It’s free, versatile and simple to use; in fact, Kodi can do so much that we recommend installing it as a utility app on all of your Android devices (if you’re unfamiliar with Kodi and its capabilities, read our guide). Download: Kodi for Android (Free) Plex: If you already have an existing media collection, Plex makes it easy to enjoy it from any device—and it has new features specifically for watching live television.

3) SlingTV

SlingTV lets you watch live TV on any device for a low monthly cost. You can enjoy watching channels like ESPN, CNN, AMC and TBS without ever needing a cable or satellite subscription. There are several different packages available with SlingTV and no long-term contract is required—you can cancel at any time. The SlingTV app works on most devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. It’s even compatible with Google Chromecast so you can quickly stream your favorite channels to your big screen. Enjoy up to five simultaneous streams on multiple devices! Available packages start at $20 per month; however, if you sign up early (and you will because it’s awesome), you’ll receive a free Roku 2 streaming stick with your order. Score!

4) WatchESPN

If you want to watch sports on your phone or tablet, but don’t have access to a cable subscription, then get ESPN for free. With WatchESPN, you can log in with your existing pay-TV account (assuming it’s an affiliate that offers ESPN). Once logged in, simply select which games you want to watch. It takes a few seconds of buffering, but after that you should be all set.

5) NBC Sports

NBC is one of a growing number of channels that offer mobile access to their programming, so you can watch football and basketball games live (and free). Even if you don’t have cable, NBC Sports is available through your Internet provider or as an add-on for other services. Though it doesn’t have ESPN, CBS Sports is another one worth checking out because they’ve been doing more live streaming lately. NBA Game Time: Need your NBA fix? Downloading NBA Game Time will give you not only coverage of every game but also stats and standings. If you can’t see the game in your area or want to watch on your computer instead of television, it has on-demand games after they air live.

6) ABC News

This free app brings you 24/7 access to news and features from your favorite ABC shows like Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Nightline, and 20/20. Full episodes of select programs are available on-demand. ABC News has a user rating of 4 out of 5 stars in Google Play and is one of their most popular apps. For new users: Download once, use on any device—iPhone or Android! Also included is live streaming from your local ABC station. The major drawback here is that it only allows you to watch on your mobile devices with limited options for watching on your TV or other mobile devices.

7) ABC Family App

The ABC Family app is one of my favorites. You can watch shows like Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Melissa & Joey and more! All you need is a login. You can choose between a cable provider login or a Facebook login. The app also has tons of bonus videos that are definitely worth checking out. You don’t have to be an ABC Family fan to enjoy all it has to offer. Check it out on your favorite Android device!

8) ABC Shows & Movies App

All Access is ABC’s official app for streaming your favorite shows on-demand and live. There’s a lot of great stuff available here, including many shows that haven’t aired yet (like American Crime, Blackish, and other new series) so you won’t miss a thing. You can even get live sports and news broadcasts when you sign in with your cable provider information. This app is free and ad-supported; it has all of ABC’s top-rated programming, but if you want to keep watching after an episode has aired, you need to pay a subscription fee via in-app purchase. Download it now from Google Play!

9) CBS

CBS is one of America’s most popular TV networks, and with its mobile app you can enjoy a selection of CBS content directly on your phone. The app is free and gives you access to a wide range of shows, although some may require an additional subscription. No cable subscription required; just stream live television wherever you go. That includes both old favorites like The Good Wife and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as well as sports events like NFL games or NBA finals and tons more. To get started, download the app from Google Play then create an account by entering your username, password and date of birth (no credit card number required). Select what content you want then tap on an episode to start watching right away.

10) CBS All Access

CBS All Access is a digital subscription service that allows users on smartphones, tablets and computers to watch live CBS content. In addition, users can browse through a library of thousands of episodes. A subscription also includes access to select back-catalog shows and limited commercials. Content is ad-free, but you’ll have to sit through pre-roll ads before shows or commercial breaks if you don’t subscribe. There are multiple price tiers depending on how many episodes you want access to per month (the lowest price tier offers 48 hours of access for $5.99). You can also opt for a 30-day free trial. Read our full review here .

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