The 8 Secrets To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

The 8 Secrets To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

Google AdSense approval can seem like a mysterious process if you’ve never done it before. But with the right knowledge and an insider tip or two, you can get your account set up within a week (or even faster). Here are 8 secrets to get Google AdSense approval fast.

1) Enable all required notifications

In order to get Google AdSense approval as quickly as possible, you’ll need to enable all required notifications. This means that you will receive emails and notifications from Google every time someone makes a change in regards to your application. While getting these emails might seem tedious, it is definitely worth it in order to have your account approved faster. It is also highly suggested that you open a support ticket immediately after submitting your application, so you can make sure that everything gets through successfully.

2) Optimize your website design

The first step in getting Google AdSense approval is to ensure that your website design looks and feels professional. This will be critical for getting your application approved. Make sure you are following accepted web design best practices and are not using any black hat techniques to trick search engines into promoting your site more frequently or higher on their results pages. Do some research into what works and what doesn’t; ask around on forums if you’re unsure about something, but don’t deceive yourself that all black hat techniques work – they don’t!

3) Create high-quality content

Google is looking for your page to have some kind of value, so that you can be trusted by Google and users alike. High-quality content works towards making a trustworthy product. If a visitor leaves your site after reading an excellent piece of content, they’re likely to visit another page on your site or even return later to find more excellent content. This is great news for Google and other visitors who are clicking through Google search listings when they find your page because high-quality content usually means more time spent on your site, which means better chances of clicks and monetization for you. Here’s how to get Google AdSense approval fast with quality in mind

4) Make sure you have enough backlinks

Did you know that a whopping 93% of clicks on an ad are directed to another website? If your website isn’t popular and visible, you won’t be getting paid. Make sure you have enough backlinks to your website so that people can find it and click on your ads. Ask bloggers in your niche to do a post exchange. In an exchange, they write a guest post for you, while you write one for them. After an exchange, more people will know about both of your websites (and therefore more people will click on your ads). So keep looking for ways to increase traffic from external sources and thereby get more clicks through AdSense!

5) Improve your CTR rate

If you’ve already gotten your ad approved, but your click-through rate isn’t what you’d like it to be, there are a few things you can do to get more people clicking on your ads. Start by making sure that your landing page is relevant to each ad that’s running on it. Make sure that all of your pages are linked together logically and easily for users; if someone arrives on one page and can’t figure out how to navigate from there, they’ll most likely leave without engaging with your brand. Next, make sure that you have a clear CTA that invites users to complete a goal; clicks won’t matter much if people don’t have some sort of action or outcome in mind when they arrive at your site.

6) Use relevant keywords in your content

The best way to do that is to understand what people are searching for and write about that. If you’re writing about marketing, for example, you might include some keywords like email marketing or content marketing. Including these words in your content not only makes it easier for people to find you, but it’s also likely to help your content rank higher on search engines—another key factor when getting Google AdSense approval. Just make sure you use these keywords naturally. If everything in your post seems unnatural or forced, people will be able to tell that something is off and it could hurt your chances of getting approved (and of keeping an audience). With that in mind…
7) Add more pictures to your posts
It’s no secret that pictures can help increase engagement on your website. But did you know they can also help get your site approved by Google faster? All you have to do is make sure that each post you submit to AdSense has at least one image included. This makes it easier for Google’s algorithms to crawl through your site, indexing your content and determining whether or not you’re a relevant resource for their users. Because of their human nature, people tend to respond more positively towards sites with interesting images rather than those without.
8) Increase social media presence

Check the current trends

When sailing, it is always good to have the wind on your back. Likewise, on social media, join the trend and the platform will effortlessly project you in front of millions of users. It will be like getting free advertising for your product or yourself. However, for a successful social media campaign, do not just mindlessly join any trending topic, but think about how you can add value to the topic, be creative, and post something interesting that will attract readers.

Use multimedia

It is a fact that posts with video or visuals get more traction on social media. Not everyone is in the food business and can post attractive photographs of mouth-watering dishes or cooking videos, but with some creativity, you can find the right multimedia post that will attract readers and help start a dialogue.

On some social media platforms, you have to use visuals; but on a platform like Twitter, even simple and interesting conversations will keep your audience engaged.

Be regularly active

You cannot expect overnight success in your social media campaigns. Neither can you achieve miraculous results by just posting occasionally. To make the most use of social media platforms, it is necessary that you are regularly active.

You don’t have to launch a flood of social media posts, but posting content at regular intervals will be helpful and keep your readers’ attention piqued. Different social media platforms have different timings of high user activity.

Pay attention to customer service

Don’t forget that your social media is essentially a platform for interacting and serving your customers. Just posting funny quotes or pictures and videos will not help your business if you aren’t proactively engaging with your customers, fulfilling their demands, and attending to their complaints.

A social media platform is just that – a platform to reach your current customers and attract future ones. Pay attention to what your customers are saying on social media about your business, your attitude, and your product.

Don’t forget to audit results

If you aren’t monitoring and auditing your social media campaign results, it will be like throwing arrows in the dark. Analytics are necessary to know what is going right for your campaign and what isn’t working.

Use data to tweak performing and non-performing assets for their optimal use. Analytics will also help you understand your audience in a better way and respond to them more effectively.

Interact with your audience

Social media platforms are primarily for social networking. You have to network with people, have a conversation, and listen to them. Reaching out to your audience is as essential as creating attention-worthy posts.

If you aren’t interacting with your audience, it will be like standing in front of a mirror and talking to yourself. By having a conversation with your audience, you will make them feel special and show them that you’re attentive to their needs while generating word of mouth publicly for you.

Keep promoting your social media accounts

What is the use of having social media accounts if people don’t know about them? Keep promoting your social media accounts so that more and more people discover them. Encourage your family and friends to promote and interact with your social media accounts.

This will create a ripple effect and, without any advertising, can increase the reach of your social media presence. Of course, if you can afford to run ad campaigns, then do so and let more people know where they can find you on social media.

Maintain with right tools

Big businesses can afford to have a big social media teams who handle their accounts and run their social media campaigns. For smaller companies or individuals who handle their own accounts, it is difficult to manage day-to-day activities and be active on social media platforms.

Fortunately, technology is making every task easier nowadays. There are many tools you can use to post simultaneously on all of your social media accounts. You can also pre-plan and pre-schedule your social media posts whenever you have free time. This will save you precious time to run your social media campaigns without hassle.

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