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4 Cost Effective Online Marketing Strategies For Startups

online markating stragies

For a start up, the internet is a viable tool in promoting the growth of the business. We cannot deny the fact that the internet has changed the way businesses run in the 21th century with its speed and accumulation of large data in just a flip, however, it may be a disadvantage for an entrepreneur who does not know how to manage his product well online. Here is a few tips on online marketing strategies for startups

 1. Content Marketing: This is perhaps the most vital of all online marketing strategies. This involves the creation and sharing of online materials not for the purpose of promoting the product but to stimulate interest in the product.

The essence of content marketing is to educate potential customers of the product and services being offered by the business as well as provide an opportunity for the entrepreneur to be outstanding in that field. Content marketing takes a variety of forms such as blogging, guest blogging, referrals, video creation, newsletters, and a host of others. You can study these forms specifically to know which works for you. Think of content marketing, cost effectiveness is assured.

Other online marketing strategies for startups includes: …

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is another online marketing strategy an entrepreneur can use. This is the practice of making one’s website appear easily and visible by a search engine ahead of other websites with the same solution. Actually, it is not much of a venture especially if you have a successful content marketing strategy but it pays in that your website would be properly indexed.

This can be done by having a good keyword research, or using on and off-page SEO. A good SEO analyser tool can help you observe how your site competes with others. Recent studies have shown that search engines favour websites that are updated frequently and which provide high quality as well as relevant content to regular users of the search engines.

3. Social Media Marketing: The social media is a well known online marketing strategy. In contemporary business world, we cannot do away with the numerous benefits of the social media especially with their ability to reach a vast audience and communicate the same piece of information to them. For a person who has a limited budget, it will be pertinent to study about social media marketing. With a formidable content marketing programme, it is possible to reach a large number of prospective clienteles ready available but who may not have the time to check out your website or read all the instructions required. Also, creation of links on social media may also help to draw people to the crux of the reason for the product.

4. Online Advertisement: Although it may not be so cost effective, but advertisement is a good way to promote the online presence of a product or service you have to offer. Online advertisement simply deals with paying someone who has an advert space on his website to advertise a product.


Funny enough, the social media still acts as a good platform to market your products and services. For top-notch platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, the possibility of immediate returns is about 90%, the rationale being that over 100 billion people patronize these sites. At the long run, the cash you pay would be worth the while.

5. Email Marketing: This online strategy which involves the use of emails to promote the product and services of a business. Statistics show that over 200 billion emails are sent on a daily basis and as such, this channel is a cost effective way of connecting with a large audience. It is not enough to use this online strategy but it is important to know how to use it because an excellent email marketing strategy can drive traffic to your website which in turn helps you garner considerable number of customers at the long run. This will entail your business choosing between buying an email list or developing your email list. It will also be good to study and track current email marketing campaigns or decide to create your own. In all, the goal is to find what will reduce cost for you and make your product easily accessible to your customers.




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