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A Step by Step Guide To Making Money through Blogging

Making Money through Blogging

Blogging in Nigeria has gradually grown to become one of the most popular ways of making money online. Many people are moving into it, either as their main hustle or an addition to their current sources of income.

One of the major reasons I enjoy blogging is because it is a gateway to so many other ways of making money online.

Take for instance, affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is about earning money by referring customers to sellers of products and services.

If you have a niche blog, let’s say, a fashion blog. You can be making good money online by reviewing fashion and beauty products and referring people to purchase the items from stores like Jumia and Konga.

Blogging is simply the management of a blog. A blog can be defined a a media website, ie a website that is constantly updated.

So it is safe to define blogging as the act of owning, managing and monetizing of a blog.

What Are The Most Lucrative Blogging Niches?

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If you intend going into blogging in Nigeria, then you have to be sure you are starting a lucrative niche, or you can decide to go general.

Some of the most lucrative blogging niches for Nigerians include:

Business: Hundreds of thousands of business related search queries are made everyday, so starting a business blog won’t actually be a bad idea.
News and Entertainment: Who doesn’t like to hear about Davido and Burna Boy on a daily? It is one of the niches you can venture into.

Politics: You can also be making good money from your politics blog. There are a lot of related media websites you can be getting ideas from.

Education: The education niche is not so saturated, and you can make good money from it even as a beginner.

Food: This is another niche you can go into, it is even more profitable if you combine it with beauty and lifestyle.
Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle: You can make making good money from a lifestyle blog, and it pays more if combined with vlogging.

Technology: Tech review blogs are very lucrative, and if you combine it with affiliate marketing, you can be raking in millions of Naira monthly.

Some other niches include automobile, religion, agriculture, travel, software, movies and music.

You can even decide to begin a multi-niche blog, and if well managed it is very lucrative.

How Lucrative Is Blogging In Nigeria?

Blogging in Nigeria is very lucrative. Some of the biggest bloggers in the country make more than ₦2 million monthly, and there are a lot who rake in above ₦200,000.

You either invest your time, your money or both. In investing your time, you do most of the works yourself.

You write contents, do the sharing, build backlinks and any other things required to grow a blog. You can decide to let your money do the job by paying for everything, from the writing of the contents to advertising them.

How Much Do Bloggers Make In Nigeria?

As I have said, there is no standard payroll for bloggers. Different things determine the amount of money you make, from your traffic to the niche you blog on.

Some of the biggest bloggers in the country make more than ₦350,000 a day, while the average ones make anything above ₦200,000 monthly.

The margin might be looking much but at least, everyone is living fine!

How To Start Up A Blog In Nigeria

Creating your own blog in Nigeria is not so difficult.

You can hire us to set up one for you, or do it yourself.

Buy your host and domain name
To begin your blogging, the first step is to pick a niche. I have discussed that earlier, so I better go straight to the purchasing of your domain name and hosting.

If you are on a low budget, you can decide to get a .com domain name from GoDaddy for $0.99 first time purchase.

You can only purchase one domain name from GoDaddy at the price.

You can also build your website on Blogger, since it is free and currently the most secured hosting platform. Basically, it is owned by Google and the only way to hack the website is to hack the associated Gmail account, and we all know how impossible that can be.

However, you might consider WordPress if you will be needing more tools and functionalities to make your blogging easy.

I have blogs on the two platforms, and I can tell you that they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

For your hosting plans, I recommend

You will get a free domain name, and you can purchase plans of as little as ₦6,000 per year.

Make sure the name you will be choosing is related to your niche (what you want to be blogging about).

Design your blog

After purchasing your host and domain name, the next thing to do is design it.

Simple designs work best, and you can purchase a WordPress theme for as little as $69, and a Blogger theme for just $49.

Sometimes, they are cheaper and there are even themes that you can get free. The only disadvantage with most free themes is that they come with footer credits.

Make sure you choose something nice, and design it to be very professional.

Your blog design is the first thing people notice when they visit.

Create contents

The next thing to do after designing your blog is creation of contents.

You can write your blog posts yourself, or hire someone to do them for you. An average blog post should be minimum 600 words, except you are writing news where 150 words articles can be okay.

Interlink your blog posts to the older ones to keep sending traffic and reducing your bounce rate.

Avoid copying other people’s blog posts! It will end up killing the growth of your own, and most people can take drastic actions to protect their works.

Do your search engine optimization

As much as possible, work on your website’s domain authority and page authority to improve your search engine ranking.

One of the major ways of doing this is by building of backlinks.

Now, this has been a source of controversies among bloggers of recent. Many claim backlinks don’t matter, and no one really knows whether search engines actually consider them.

I advise you however to it very serious, since most advertisers also take it as a criteria for paying you to publish their posts.

Generate traffic
When you are done writing, share your posts to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media.

You can insert it into related questions on Quora and Inforib, but just make sure you do not spam.

Most people prefer running paid ads on their posts, and I advise that if you have a little budget. Capture your users email, or get them subscribe to your push notifications so you can send them interesting emails later.


Most people take their blogs for fun, but I am here for business… lol!
The major koko is monetising it, and there are different ways of making money from your blog.

Some of them include ad networks, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, ecommerce and information marketing.

We will be seeing a brief explanation of each of them in the next section.

How To Monetise Your Blog In Nigeria

There are so many ways to make money from blogging in Nigeria.

Some of them include:
Ad Networks
Ad Networks are some of the easiest ways of making money from blogging in Nigeria.

Google Adsense is the most popular example. They act as an intermediary between blog owners and advertisers, and display ads on your website while collecting money from advertisers.

Most of them have a minimum pay out, and it is $100 for Google.
You can check out some of the biggest ad networks for Nigerian publishers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another huge way of making money from your blog.

I have reviewed the 10 most lucrative affiliate networking platforms for Nigerians, and you can check them out.

Take for instance, you have a fashion blog, social media platform or even friends who you think will love to purchase items online.

You sign up for the Jumia affiliate program, and write reviews of the products inserting your referral link. Once they click through and make their purchases, you earn your commission.


Digital Marketing and Information Marketing

If you know something and you think people would love to know it to, then you can package it as an ebook, a video or even a podcast to sell.

This is called information marketing, and it is a part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is simply the selling of intangible digital products such as software, music, videos, ebooks and others.

You can check out these 4 tips on how to conquer as a digital marketer in Nigeria.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts have been my favourite way of making money online for more than 2 years now. In a single week, I make up to $200 from sponsored posts on my website, and they are my favourite because I don’t sweat for them.

Some of the things that help you to get sponsored posts on your website include your domain authority, page authority and Alexa ranking.

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