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Anorexia (Eating Disorder) – Why It’s Important You Know

Anorexia eating disorder

Anorexia Eating disorder – living on the edge.

Being obsessed with how we look is a common trait of men and women of this age.  The presentation of the ideal body shape as being slender and athletic for women and being muscular for men has driven many people to the edge.  One of the manifestations  of this distorted perception on body shape is Eating -Disorder.

Eating-Disorder is a type of illness that is characterized by unhealthy and irregular eating habits and being overly concerned or distress over body weight and shape.  It can be inadequate or excessive food intake which can damage an individual well being.

Eating Disorder include, Anorexia nervorsa, Balima nervorsa, Binge eating disorder and many more.  This article’s main focus is Anorexia nervorsa. Eating disorder is not an illness that’s restricted to a particular sex,  both men and women suffer from the malady.

– What is Anorexia Nervorsa?

This eating disorder (Anorexia) is been characterized by low -weight or the fear of gaining weight, or a strong desire to be thin resulting in food restrictions or the purging of food taken through forced vomiting or the use of laxative.

People suffering from Anorexia always believe that they are overweight when they are actually underweight. Anorexia is known to always have mental health underlying.

   – Causes of Anorexia

Their is no known actual cause for Anorexia except for some risk factors which include;

GENETICS: Anorexia can be hereditary.  That is,  it can be passed down from parents to their offspring, though this area is still being heavily researched.

PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTOR: Anorexia can also be caused by childhood abuse or trauma,  dysfunctional family or relationship.

SOCIAL FACTOR: Distorted perception and growing social pressure about body image and peer pressure.  People in professions like modelling and dancing always have this need of being slim and some young adults like to look like this super models.

Sign and Symptoms of Anorexia nervorsa

These are some of the signs and symptoms to look out for;

– Low weight and fear of gaining weight:  No matter how thin Anorexia patients are, they will always want to be more thinner.

-Excessive exercise: Anorexia patients always engage in more and more exercise to shed the so called excessive weight.

Food restrictions: Anorexia patients do not eat enough food or they do not eat food at all, they go on diets that trascend the norm of dieting.

– An obsession with counting food calories and irregular eating patterns

– Depression: unstable mental health, low self-worth and self-esteem eventually result into depression in Anorexia patients.

– Menstruation stops in adult female

– Low intolerance for cold resulting from the loss of body fat.

Treatment for Anorexia nervorsa

Coupled with the fact that Anorexia has a very high mortality rate, it can also results in complications like heart damage and infertility. Anorexia is a disease that is best nipped in the bud before it results into other health issues. The treatment for Anorexia is always carried out through the combined effort of a medical doctor, a nutritionist and a therapist.

– Medical : This involves the treatment of any health issues that may arise from Anorexia . Hospitalization may be necessary if this case is severe.

– Nutrition: Seeing a nutritionist for restoration of weight loss, prescription and supervision of a tailored meal plan and education about normal eating about normal eating patterns.

– Therapy : This involves the diagnosing and treatment of underlying mental issues associated with the eating disorder and also treatment of mental complications as a result of the eating disorder.

With the repeatedly highest rate of mortality among eating disorders,  Anorexia affects both the male and female gender.  Anorexia causes distress not only to the patient  but also the friends and family of the patient, because it’s not easy to see one loved one literally fading away and their is so little you can do about it. The full recovery from Anorexia Lies the hand of the patient.

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