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Best Adsense Alternative You Need To Check Out

Best Adsense Alternative

Going through this read, we’d be seeing a review of TheMoneytizer, one of the best ad networks for Nigerian bloggers.
If you’ve managed a blog before, you might have considered monetizing it with Adsense because of the many positive reviews you read online about it. An undisputed fact that I won’t be countering soon it that Adsense is currently the highest paying Adnetwork in the world.

I’ve tried many other networks, from Media.Net to Chitika and even Mgid that I’m still using now, but I’m yet to find any that pays higher than the Google Adsense. While Mgid pays pretty well, the ad network that I’m about to show you pays pretty far better than kidding.

Best Adsense Alternative

The Moneytizer vs Adsense

If you’re having issues getting Adsense to approve your blog, you might want to try a good AdSense alternative. A Google search will expose you to thousands, if not millions of Adnetworks claiming to be the perfect alternative to the Google Adsense.
Best Adsense Alternative For Nigerian Bloggers

A Step by Step Guide To Making Money through Blogging

An interesting thing about Moneytizer is the fact that their ads were similar to Google Adsense. Their banners are very beautiful, just the way Adsense banners are.
TheMoneytizer review
TheMoneytizer vs Adsense
They also support floating ads, like the one you’re seeing above. This is a feature you’d only be able to access if you use third-party Adsense partners like Ezoic.
Why I Prefer The Moneytizer Over Google Adsense
• Approval is very easy
• The minimum payout is $50, unlike Google Adsense that pays you when you earn up to $100
• They pay via PayPal and wire transfer, this is also very amazing, Google Adsense supports only bank payment
• No address/ID verification, if you’ve used Google Adsense, I won’t need to be explaining this to you
• The last but not the least, you’d get a $5 bonus if you join with this link. Yes, $5 just for joining the platform, this is something you can never get from Google.

Why Go For The Moneytizer As Publisher?
Although The Moneytizer Platform is not so popular in Africa, is one of the fastest-growing ad networks for publishers around the world. So far, more than 15,000 publishers are benefiting from it.

But why is it the best choice for you?
• Unrestricted platform: First of all, joining The Moneytizer costs nothing, and you’d start seeing your revenue grow after implementing the ad codes.
• Best quality ads: We value our readers so much, that the reason you’d never see any pop-up or pop-under ads on this platform. Not like we don’t get such opportunities, but you as our reader is our top priority.
With The Monetizer, you won’t have to even bother about annoying redirects, unwanted downloads or even pop-ups. Everything, from the platform to their advertisers are brand safe.

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• Compatible with Google Adsense: If you have Google Adsense on your blog, you can still including one or two banners as a way of increasing your revenue. This platform is 100% Compatibility with Google DFP and Adsense.
• Works with thousands of programmatic partners: Why limiting yourself when you can achieve more? The Monetizer works with thousands of advertisers that you won’t have to bother about filling up your ad spaces.
• No regulations on traffic: Just like Adsense, there is no minimum traffic requirement for getting into The Monetizer platform.

• No discrimination: This time around, I’m not talking about Adsense. Google works with publishers from all parts of the world, same with The Monetizer. The Monetizer is not like some other ad networks that will insist you get a higher percentage of visitors from the US or UK.
• Customer support: How annoying it is when you get to chat with bots instead of real humans, well, The Monetizer got you covered. You just have to send a message via the chat widget on the website if you encounter any issues, or need further guidance. A real human from their team will get back to you in a jiffy.
• Easy set up: You don’t know how to code? Even me too, but with themonetizer, that won’t be an issue. Setting the ads up is as easy as writing a blog post, in fact, there’s a WordPress plugin for our WP brothers and sisters.
Requirements For Publishers
To get approved:
• Avoid posting adult related contents on your site
• You are required to be the real owner of the site
• Avoid fraudulent advertising practices
How To Join
• Visit the official website.
• Fill in your details. You might meet the default site in French, don’t worry, your Google translate will do the magic.
• Fill in your website
• Hit on submit



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