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How To Download Youtube Videos With Easy Steps

How To Download Youtube Videos

In this post, we show you simply how to download YouTube videos with our easy step guide.
Before we proceed to the instructions, i will like to inform you that even though is permitted by YouTube to embed and share their contents over the web, downloading and using it offline is not permitted, This is a violation of YOUTUBE TERMS AND SERVICES. Unless you have permission from the site to download their video.

Now lets proceed on how to download YouTube videos using our preferred method which is known as The 4K Video Down-loader

Step N0. 1: Download 4k Video Downloader.

To download the 4k Video Downloader, you need to visit their official website and then follow the instructions there.

Step No. 2. Head Over to YouTube and copy the video’s url

You must make sure you copy all the url on the address bar of your browser or you can go to the YouTube video share button to copy link.

Step 3.Open the 4k video downloader and manually paste the URL

After the 4k video downloader program in installed on your desktop, open the program and paste the url manually using the paste link button.

Step 4. Just go ahead and select the video format you prefer and Download your video

You might as well visit another YouTube download alternative site known as KEEPVID.ID

Hope this article helps.


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