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Life After The Corona Virus Pandemic

life after corona virus

Life after the end of corona virus (the Covid-19 outbreak) will definitely not be the same as it was before. We are at the start of the end, awaiting a new start. Planet Earth will disrupt its collaboration pact with mankind unless we instantly review our conduct.

The projections appear one after the other. Some of which are more optimistic than others, but almost everybody agrees that, in-spite the decline of such unparalleled scale, humanity will nonetheless seek the courage to recover.

Principles will adjust; our ways of life will change under that influence. Keeping that in mind,

here are four predictions for the changes that might occur.

Houses no more apartments

High-rising buildings were designed to organize as much individuals as possible in one place. Health and hygiene were not a deliberation. In times of the pandemic, it is absolutely required to decrease contact with all that are used in multi-storey buildings

Through time, the major purpose of the house has been shelter. Primarily, it served as a fortress from bad climate and predacious animals. Then, tall stone strongholds were mountain to avert the enemy entering. Nowadays, people want a house that can efficiently offer social isolation.

Bunkers are better than open-plan

For survivalists there was already a tendency for fortified buildings. But we can now believe that tendency to become more widespread.
Viewing our real experience, movies about the end of the world don’t seem to be so fantastic. The urge to prepare your home for natural or man-made hazards is no longer surprising. There will be a hopper, or at least a secured “minus” level with a pantry for food and water.

Self-sufficient power and water

The structures of the future will be full of pride and sovereignty, with their very own water supply and heating. Geothermal wells are gaining reputation already. In addition to water, they can moderately offer a home with heating.

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There will be quite a few other sources of heating to have as a safety net: a stove, a fireplace, a solid fuel boiler, a fuel generator, solar panels. Independent mini-stations producing alternative power will become a actuality. The objective will be liberation from the outside world, reducing hazards in the case of a fully blown shutdown.

Filtration and neutralization

Water and air filtration systems tend to be seen as an unnecessary addition, easily abandoned in favor of a designer table. After the pandemic the tendency will change, as people often worry about what would happen if a virus or bacteria gets into a water supply and infects it. To ensure, people will be willing to pay for the excavation, surveying and filtration systems need to be installed as well.

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Industrialists of smart home systems will go the extra mile their programs will not only control the temperature of the air in the house, but also its quality and, if necessary, they will spontaneously clean it. Air from the outside will of course be cleaned and filtered.

What do you think of life after corona virus?

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