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Step by Step Guide on How To Create A YouTube Channel

How To Create A YouTube Channel

Nowadays the social media is the most used platform in terms of advertisement, Meanwhile YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, similar to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites, making money from YouTube is very possible and a 100% possible.

Looking outside the web world right now quite a lot of individuals have no clue on how to create their own YouTube Channel, Looking at this article you would be able to make your own YouTube Channel.

Creating a YouTube Channel is not difficult in anyway and that is only if you know what you are doing, as a matter of fact all you need is just a data connection and an internet enabled device, preferably a computer.

Nonetheless, you can successfully create and upload videos to your YouTube Channel with ease. However, in this Tutorial Session we would be making use of a computer.

• The first step in creating a YouTube Channel is to first procure yourself a Gmail Account to do that, all you need to do is to visit a Google to create one or you could simply visit to sign in to your Gmail account or create a new one.

• Visit the YouTube Page ( and click on the icon at the top right corner of the screen.
• Go to your account’s YouTube Settings by clicking in the gear icon.
• Hit the ‘Create a New Channel Button’
• Select the “Use a Business/Other Name” Option.
• Decide a name for the Channel, it could be your business name, a non-authentic name or your Real Name.

The next step to take in creating your YouTube Channel is to Fill In The About Section, this is where you fill in your profile and also your channel description and it is also the first option you will see after successfully creating the channel.
You’ll also describe your brand and other things your viewers will expect when the make a subscription to your channel.

You can even take the extra step in adding links to your blogs, vlogs, websites and also other social media sites/handles to aid you in getting more followers for the channel, also try your possible best to make the channel look attractive as it will appear in more than one places in the channel.

YouTube endorses a cover picture of 2560 by 1440 pixels (2560px X 1440px) with a maximum file weight of 4 megabytes (4MB), so you need to be extremely conscious of that note when creating the design. This is the first impression of your business and it should also be as professional and attractive as possible.

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Your Background Photo (Cover Photo) is the principal real estate for the introduction of your business or brand , if you are not a professional, it will be the best strategy to hire the services of a professional graphics designer.
You can also use a photo that will be related to your business or brand specification without necessarily designing it.

If you followed the above procedures you are set to upload your first video and also try to make it to be as professional as possible, in other words make it as good as possible.

Yes it is very obvious that nobody is perfect and everyone learns one r two new things everyday as life is teacher, so you should definitely not expect the video to be the best on you first trial.

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Though you wouldn’t have to depend on SEO, but SEO could provide you with thousands of views without much stress. Like any normal SEO, optimizing your YouTube videos for the search engines is extremely necessary.
You could also do a proper keyword research before giving your video a name/title and description to help you have an idea on what people are really interested in about your given keyword.

This is also a very important aspect of monetizing your YouTube Channel and you should also give a lot of attention to this side. Social Media platforms are also great places to generate views especially if you’re already known.
You should own active accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and some other popular social media sites/handles, as these platforms can help you generate good traffic.

Though this may be somewhat expensive, more especially when you will bw billed in dollars as a Nigerian, it is still worth investing in, if your YouTube Channel is related to your business, You would want to defeat your competitors and that is when YouTube adverts come in.

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